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The Tao of Root

rockin' Manchester every way I know!

18 May
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I am a tweaker by nature, a twidgit by training, and a hacker at heart. I am completely loyal and devoted to my family. I am/was/have been and will be again/ addicted to Monster. My eyes are hazel shades. My hair is short and leopard-spotted with shades of red and brown. It stands straight up. I tell people I got in a fight with the microwave and lost; oddly enough they believe me. On my hind legs I stand about 5'6". I am loyal. I refuse to sleep in anything smaller than a size 500. I am in the Navy working towards becoming an Intelligence Officer. I made a promise and it came full-circle. Now I live through grey-green eyes. More than that I don't need to say.

My personal dog...


I'm just 'Root
Plain, Simple, and Infinitely Complex.

Decode my furcode:
FCCp4adr A++ C* D+ H+ M P++ R+++ T+ W Z- Sf! RLAT a cdlmnow++++ d-- e+++ f++ h++++ iwf+++ j p+++ sf*

Ambition is a Good Thing to Have
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